‘No Fighting, No Ego Biting.’

CHALK is a place of acceptance and love. We do not tolerate any form of homophobia, misogyny, racism, transphobia or ableism. 
All of our staff are trained to deal with sensitive situations proactively and with understanding. It is ultimately important to us that you enjoy your time with us and that you feel safe when you are at CHALK, so if anything or anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, please let one of us know.

- We have a fully trained medic on-site throughout all club nights.
- We have welfare officers within the venue specifically to look for and aid vulnerable people.
- We supply StopTops free of charge - although when there is a shortage of these, clingfilm will be provided.
- Every single member of our staff has been trained by Good Night Out to ensure we can not only deal sympathetically and proactively with potential incidents of harassment or assault but they are also trained to spot people in need and take action prior to it happening.
- We ensure that no vulnerable person leaves our venue alone, and we take every effort to ensure that they are delivered home safely.
- We scan the ID of every person who comes into the venue and photographs them, so the police can trace any alleged offender. We only accept passports or drivers licences. 
- All bags will be checked as a condition of entry.
- We operate a zero-tolerance policy towards misogyny, harassment, homophobia, racism, transphobia and ableism. We clearly state this throughout the venue and will ban anyone engaging in that sort of behaviour both from our venue and others throughout the city.

If you ever feel unwell, please see one of the welfare officers or our onsite medic and they will be happy to assist you with any problem. They can be found in pink t-shirts or you can ask any member of staff to see one. 
We aim to provide an egalitarian environment. We do not believe in VIP; it doesn’t matter how much money you have, we try to treat everyone with the same respect and decency. CHALK: inclusive, not exclusive.