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**This date was moved from 10th Feb, all tickets still valid**

Sometimes you have to go through the shit to emerge victorious on the other side and fight your way through the proverbial tunnel to find the light. And this is the exact journey that Brighton’s Yonaka have spent the last year navigating, and ultimately, conquering. 
Now coming out the other side armed with a new lease of life, they are ready to share a story of empowerment and perseverance that is set to rival the greats. All packaged up into some alt-rock bangers, of course.
Starting their story a few years ago when they met at Brighton university, vocalist Theresa Jarvis, bassist Alex Crosby, drummer Rob Mason and guitarist George Werbrouck-Edwards instantly jelled, quickly building their name with raucous live sets and a seamless merging of pop, rock and hip-hop inspired beats.
As the word spread, the group soon found themselves being hailed as the next great rock outfit by the likes of NME, holding their own (and then some) across the country as they joined big names including Bring Me The Horizon, Fever 333, The Libertines, Courteeners and more on tour. Just take their ever-growing fanbase even copying the group’s matching Yonaka tattoos as yet further proof of the sparks that they conjured.