Crazy P
£20 +BF adv

DHP presents:

Crazy P

This show has rescheduled from 9th December 2020 and 13th May 2020, all original tickets remain valid.

Crazy P are an English electronic group heavily influenced by vintage disco, soul, and house music. While early releases such as their 1999 debut album A Nice Hot Bath With... were instrumental and sample-driven, they established a full band lineup with the addition of ebullient frontwoman Danielle Moore, who joined in time for 2002's The Wicked Is Music. The group continually refined their sound through their energetic live shows, as well as exceptionally focused full-lengths such as 2011's When We On and 2019's Age of the Ego, which displayed their skills at crafting both pop hooks and exploratory grooves.

+ support from James Holroyd.

A DHP presentation.