DHP Family:


Rescheduled from Monday 26th September 2022
22.50 adv

NEW DATE: Thursday 24th November 2022

Statement of the  Band:
"Electric Callboy – Update on upcoming shows! 
While we are extremely grateful for all the feedback we get for our new album Tekkno, we have some very sad news today.
Nico has been suffering from a very severe jaw and middle ear infection for quite some time now. He has tried to get better between our shows and rehearsals, but it’s not working. The infection is coming back again and again. That’s why we already had to cancel the Blue Ridge Rock Fest two weeks ago. 
Unfortunately, our hopes for a swift recovery were not fulfilled, and we have no option but to move our shows in England, France, and the US to new dates. We checked with every doctor we know, but they all say the same: no shows and especially no flying for Nico at the moment. Otherwise, he would risk permanent damage to his ear. That is a risk we definitely won’t take. We need Nico, and Nico needs his ears. And his ears need some time off. 
There is not much we can do about that. We are super sorry and hope that you can support our decision. We were very excited to play those gigs and already put a lot effort in preparing them.
For the shows in England and France we will have new dates soon, meaning that the tickets stay valid. For the almost completely sold-out „THE LEVEL UP“ Tour we had planned in the US, we have to cancel our participation and come up with new dates next year. Support the other bands on this tour and party with them! 
Believe us: We can’t wait to cross the Atlantic and come back next year. That’s a promise."


Support from ANNISOKAY

When the EP "MMXX" was released last September, it marked a crucial point in the career of ELECTRIC CALLBOY, with Nico Sallach celebrating his debut as second frontman. In this new line-up, the carefree fun of the early days has returned. With freshly styled mullets and moustaches, the guys put the pedal to the metal and celebrate a colorful metalcore party. This is funfair, this is cotton candy, this is roller coaster - great ride here, be there! Especially the single Hypa Hypa shot through the roof in record time! Meanwhile, the hit has 21 million plays at the popular streaming portals and 11 million views on Youtube - and the trend is still rising! ELECTRIC CALLBOY have taken this sensational success as an opportunity to completely reinterpret their hit with The BossHoss and with Sasha. While they gallop straight to the saloon bar with the Berlin cowboys in a drinking-friendly country manner, they conjure up coherent retro vibes with the current "The Masked Singer" winner to eighties disco beats. That's how features go! In addition, four other artists have been inspired to create highly original cover versions of "Hypa Hypa": Saltatio Mortis, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Axel One and last but not least, the DJ duo Gestört aber GeiL! The fact that so many renowned acts have taken up the hit shows the class of this composition and is an accolade for ELECTRIC CALLBOY, which ennobles the Castrop entertainers as songwriters to be taken seriously.