The Story of Goth ft. The Cureheads

Black Rabbit Productions present:

The Story of Goth ft. The Cureheads

This show has rescheduled from Concorde 2 on 6th February 2021, all original tickets remain valid.

The Story of Goth tour; Featuring The Cureheads.
With support from Siouxsie and the Budgiees. 

After a highly successful show at the Haunt in 2019, Black Rabbit Promotions are delighted to bring the Story of Goth to Chalk. Playing all the best of The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

A great night to celebrate 'The Story of Goth'.
The Cureheads were formed in 1990. The band played its first show in Stockholm in July 1990 at Frietzfronten in St. Eriksgatan 89, an underground bar owned by a Swedish political party, and played its first large headline show at the WGT in 1995. Then known as Fat Bob & The Cureheads. 
The band has toured in the UK, the USA, continental Europe, and South America, playing festivals, including opening for Echo and The Bunnymen. The band state that they strive to re-create the experience of seeing a mid to late 1980s concert by The Cure, including not only the sound, but also the wardrobe, attitude, stage, light show and various video and computer images.

The Cureheads name is taken from the Irish slang term for anyone with that "1980's mop haired 'Gothic' look".

The Cureheads recently played to 10,000 people ın Chileat the Teatro Caupolicán in Santiago (the old national basketball stadium of Chile). The show was recorded for national television and reported on the news, as The Cure has never played in Chile despite having a huge fanbase there.

In 2012 The Cureheads played in Paraguay & Argentina ahead of The Cure playing there in 2013.

The current and past musicians are pulled together from various Gothic Rock bands such as Nosferatu, Killing Mirandaand The Essenceand Andy Anderson (an original drummer from The Cure) joined The Cureheads from August 2012. Andy Anderson was fired from The Cureheads after he failed to appear at the airport on the morning of their South American tour in November 2012. The Cureheads claim that they haven't heard from Anderson since. Their set-list consists of songs from the full recorded history of The Cure.

Gary Clarke (Founder) (The Hiram Key, ex-Nosferatu) (as Robert Smith), Vocals/Lead Guitar
Belle Star Nosferatu (band) Killing Miranda Lahannya, Drums
Roi Robertson (Mechanical Cabaret) (as Roger O'Donnell), Keyboards
Irish Dave (as Simon Gallup), Bass Guitar
Fran Dima(as Porl Thompson), Lead Guitar