Metal Box: Rebuilt in Dub
Metal Box: Rebuilt in Dub

Brighton Festival presents:

Metal Box: Rebuilt in Dub

22.50 adv
Public Image Ltd co-founder Jah Wobble revisits the post-punk outfit's classic album

A founding member of Public Image Ltd - alongside ex-Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon, revered guitarist Keith Levene and drummer Jim Walker – Jah Wobble helped forge this influential group's uncompromising sound. Now the visionary bassist revisits their post-punk masterpiece.

Released in 1979, second album Metal Box featured such avant-garde cuts as Swan Lake and Poptones. Now Wobble has recreated the whole LP with dub interpretations and more expansive arrangements. 

Support comes from Blurt (poet, saxophonist and puppeteer Ted Milton).

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