Bears in Trees
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Bears in Trees

Beginning in a South London basement in late 2014, the band– composed of vocalist and bassist Iain Gillespie (they/them), guitarist Nicholas Peters (he/him), drummer and producer George Berry (he/him) and vocalist, ukulele and keyboardist Callum Litchfield (he/him)–grew up as teenagers together on a diet of online fandom, mid 00's emo-pop, and the golden age of One Direction.

They wrote music from their basement hoping that someone would listen. Nearing seven years later, over 100,000 people would come to find solace in the band's unique blend of online irreverence, absurdist humor, and dedication to fostering a community that keeps each other safe - this is without mentioning the songs they've written about working in gay bars, becoming friends with worms, and processing the deaths of close friends.