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At the pivotal moment before the release of her first full EP, Sarah Faith Griffiths – GRIFF to friends and fans – had an epiphany. GRIFF’s music has an elemental feeling all of its own. You can trace the genesis of her blistering, sparse, emotional songs, condensed on first bow into perfect, three-minute pop moments to her deeply individual aesthetic. Though reminiscent of a more user-friendly FKA Twigs or even back to the ground-breaking sounds captured by Nelly Furtado and Timbaland, the robust, singular five tracks have reminded GRIFF of one key detail to her work. “I’m running the show here,” she says, with an infectious laugh. “Am I even allowed to say that?”

Why shouldn’t she? GRIFF is a one-woman production, song-writing and performing powerhouse, set to unleash her full future-pop powers and own 2020. On the one hand, GRIFF is your textbook good girl next door. She’s just out of school, an 18-year-old straight A student from just outside Watford. On quite the other, on account of the mastery she’s shown so far in taking complete control of her career, there is a touch of the young unicorn about her.