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For fans of: Soccer Mommy / Let's Eat Grandma / St Vincent

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When the first Superorganism music was uploaded in 2017, the reaction was anything but tepid. The group’s in-your-face aesthetic — a post-everything mishmash of psychedelic indie pop and fizzy, funky electronica — quickly began to resonate; inaugural track “Something For Your M.I.N.D.” was co-signed by Frank Ocean less than a month after it popped up on Soundcloud. Early buzz sent the messageboard rumor mill into hyperdrive, inciting speculation that Superorganism was the conceptual-pop project of an older rock band, or maybe a virtual avatar for some big-name celebrity. Some online skeptics wondered if frontman Orono — the Japanese singer-songwriter who linked with the internationally-based collective’s other members via the internet while matriculating at a New England high school — even existed at all.